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Not Ruff at all…

Portrait Photography isn’t always a “human” affair. While W.C. Fields warned to “Never work with children and animals” I ignore that advice when it comes to photography. Lake Wales FL’s own “Jethro” Murphy stepped out of the shadow of his sister “Ellie May” and posed for his very own photo shoot. I’m not sure if it was the fame of his solo act or the Turkey snacks but he was a goodboy and put on quite a show.

His “human mom” ordered a 16 x 10 wall art print and I believe Jethro celebrated all the attention… with a nap. Although I’m based out of Lakeland FL, Alan Rolette Photography takes its “show on the road” from our photo studio when the call comes in. Bartow, Mulberry, Lake Wales, wherever, is not too far for a canine or human portrait star. Everything shot here was all shot in the comfort of Jethro’s very own home. “Reasonable and Relaxed Photography” is what I promise and sometimes it’s just easier to bring the mountain to the fur baby Vs. bringing the fur baby to the mountain. Take some time and create a memory. Contact me and book your very own portrait shoot for you, your family, or yes, even your pets.


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