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Mark this moment in time with an experience you’ll never forget.

Everyone Looks and Feels Their Best.

Memories are great but fade… memories AND photos are timeless.  Not everyone sees every moment of an event.  One sneeze and he kissed the bride while your eyes are closed.  Distance or cost can cause you to miss the reunion or party.  The right picture of the right moment of a conference can punctuate a point that can change your entire work environment and culture.  Lastly just one group picture turns INDIVIDUALS into a TEAM and is reinforced every time it’s looked at.  


ENJOY your small wedding, party, and reunion and let a professional worry about immortalizing the event.   Meetings, conventions, and workshops also can be professionally documented for websites, promotion, or just for the enjoyment of those involved.


Everything from a wedding to a professional gathering or an awards ceremony, of course, ranges in price.  It’s all based on the event itself, size, distance, and of course add ons and special touches that make it for you and you alone.

Intimate Weddings/Events



Start as low as 350.00

This is includes about an hour of photography:

•The ceremony itself

•Briefly documenting the event

•Candid photos of those who shared your exchanging of vows

There are countless other requests for weddings that can be ADDED IN.  

They include but aren’t limited to pictures of the bride and groom getting ready, portraits of the bride and groom, portraits of the family and wedding party, the reception, the rehearsal, dinner, engagement photos, toasts/garter throwing/cake cutting/1st dances and all the bells and whistles.  It really depends on you and what you want. I am here to make you happy on your special day.


Start as low as 200.00

Price depends on range, based on the event itself,  time of the event, and distance.  It can be as simple as a book signing, documenting a business conference, meeting, or award ceremony, all the way through to a professional retreat weekend.  I am open to chatting about all this and more.

Contact me and we can chat about your wants, needs, desires and dreams.  Your event’s memories are yours and yours alone.  Your photography can be shared for generations and with the world.

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