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Favorite Local Spots

FAQ: “Besides your studio in Lakeland, where are your favorite places for sessions?”

Based on times of day and the heat index… I do have my favorites. Lake Mirror, Hollis Gardens, and Munn Park/Downtown Lakeland.

Lake Mirror offers everything you could want in a picture: open skies, water, greenery, and a skyline of downtown Lakeland. They even decorate at Xmas with a Xmas tree big enough for the largest group. I have shot countless senior portraits, family portraits, and couples photos here and it is a “can’t miss”.

Hollis Gardens allows us to explore our more creative side. There are multiple gardens, statues, steps, fountains, and so much more that regardless how serious or fun we brainstorm your portraits will be, there is a space there that fits the bill.

Munn Park/Downtown Lakeland is a classic. Usually shot on a Sunday morning (early), all of downtown is our artistic playground with railroad tracks, park benches, arches, storefronts, brick, and even gorgeous wrought iron.

Munn Park is generally thought of as crowded as it’s beautiful and lively throughout the day and into the night, but early Sunday mornings there is a window to make portrait and headshot art.

Lakeland and Polk County is filled with wonderful and picturesque backdrops for any and all photography but in my decade here as a professional photographer, these three are my favorites.


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